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Quality Management Series Module 5: Facilities

Electronic (digital download/no shipping)

Accredited Organization, Guest, NonMember - $340.00
Inspector, Inspector Trainee - $0.00


This module of the QM Series consists of sessions related to quality management of facilities. Detailed information regarding facility design, facility cleaning, and control of facility parameters is provided. Advance registration and post-webinar recordings of the following webinars are included at a discounted rate: - Facility Design to Achieve Safe and Efficient Workflows (September 17, 2014) - Performing and Documenting Facility Cleaning (December 5, 2014) - Controlling Facility Parameters (February 20, 2015) - Virtual Roundtable: Quality Management of Facilities (May 11, 2015) This is a large zipped file that will require several minutes for download. Purchasers are encouraged to save the file to the computer first to expedite download time, and to unzip it in advance of any planned meetings.

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Publication Year: 2014