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Cellular Therapy Standards, 8th Edition

Eighth Edition FACT-JACIE International Standards for Hematopoietic Cellular Therapy Product Collection, Processing and Administration [Print Version]

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The objective of the FACT-JACIE Standards, Edition 8.1, is to promote quality medical and laboratory practice in hematopoietic progenitor cell transplantation and therapies using hematopoietic derived cellular products. FACT-JACIE Standards are unique in depth and breadth, being applicable to all phases of cell collection, processing, storage, transportation, and administration, and to all phases of clinical application including standard of care therapies and products, products administered under regulatory-approved clinical trials, and licensed (or other regulatory approval) products. These Standards are not intended to establish best practices or include all procedures and practices that a program, facility, or individual should implement if the standard of practice in the community or governmental laws or regulations establish additional requirements. Each program, facility, and individual should analyze its practices and procedures to determine whether additional standards apply. The Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy and the Joint Accreditation Committee – ISCT and EBMT disclaim any responsibility for setting maximum standards and expressly do not represent or warrant that compliance with the Standards is an exclusive means of complying with the standard of care in the industry or community.

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Publication Year: 2021