FACT Clinical, Collection, Processing, & Cord Blood Banking Inspector Training Course

FACT invites you to join us on the 2023 Education Events Tour! Our 2023 education offerings include accreditation workshops, inspector training courses, and quality boot camps. These events are open to current and aspiring accreditation programs, FACT inspectors and trainees, quality personnel, and industry representatives. No matter your interests or where you are in your accreditation journey, we have an event that’s right for you!

Join us in Perth, Western Australia at the ISCT ANZ 2023 Regional Meeting!

We invite you to attend the FACT Clinical, Collection, Processing, & Cord Blood Banking Inspector Training Course in conjunction with the ISCT ANZ 2023 Regional Meeting on Tuesday, August 15, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at the  Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre in Perth, WA. FACT’s Inspector Training Courses make learning about the inspection process an up-close and personal experience with practical, hands-on sessions simulating performing an inspection supplemented with presentations facilitated by experienced FACT inspectors. 

This FACT Inspector Training Course is for clinical, collection, processing, and cord blood banking trainees. Trainees must complete all pre-training course requirements before attending. The training course is a collaborative event where the trainee will work with an experienced FACT inspector to review the entire inspection process from beginning to end.  

FACT instructors will educate inspector trainees on the following topics during the inspector training course: 

  • Inspection preparation essentials
  • Important technology tools
  • Advance review of documents
  • Program/facility tour
  • Facility documents
  • Patient record review
  • Post-inspection requirements

If you are interested in training as a FACT inspector, please contact Courtney Tabor or visit https://www.factglobal.org/inspectors/

We hope to see you in Perth! 

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