FACT Cord Blood Inspection & Accreditation Workshop and Quality Boot Camp

FACT Inspection & Accreditation Workshop and Quality Boot Camp

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29 September 2021
6:30 am - 4:15 pm CT
11:30 - 21:15 GMT


FACT Inspection and Accreditation Cord Blood Workshop  
Time                                    Mins Title                                   Description  

4:30 am PT
5:30 am MT
6:30 am CT
7:30 am ET
8:30 am BRT
12:30 pm BST
1:30 pm CEST
2:30 pm EEST
2:30 pm TRT
6:30 pm ICT
7:30 pm SGT
9:30 pm AEST




We invite you to join your colleagues at the FACT Café this morning and then again during your lunch break! Let’s face it, social distancing has us feeling disconnected and a bit exhausted. Coming together for networking with your colleagues is a great way to brighten the day. So, grab a cup of coffee and connect!

5:00 am PT
6:00 am MT
7:00 am CT
8:00 am ET
9:00 am BRT
1:00 pm BST
2:00 pm CEST
3:00 pm EEST
3:00 pm TRT
7:00 pm ICT
8:00 pm SGT
10:00 pm AEST




Description: Workshop and Quality Boot Camp hosts Roger Horton, Phd, and Diane Fournier, PhD, welcome all participants. FACT Education Coordinator shares tips to help make the virtual workshop and boot camp experience flawless.

  • Instructions on how to join polling
  • How to join in the chat
  • How to search for attendees
  • Where to go for technical assistance
  • Sign the 25th Anniversary Guest Book

5:15 am PT
6:15 am MT
7:15 am CT
8:15 am ET
9:15 am BRT
1:15 pm BST
2:15 pm CEST
3:15 pm EEST
3:15 pm TRT
7:15 pm ICT
8:15 pm SGT
10:15 pm AEST



FACT Matters: Improving Quality in Cord Blood Banking with FACT Accreditation.

Description: This session features three presenters including Dr. Ngaire Elwood from BMDI Cord Blood Bank in Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Arvin Faundo from Cordlife Group Limited in Singapore, and Dr. Andrea Tiemi Kondo from Albert Einstein in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Each presenter will explain the benefits of FACT accreditation and discuss how FACT accreditation makes a difference in cord blood banking. Presenters will discuss benefits gained and best practices to ensure consistency in outputs and outcomes.  In addition, presenters will identify ways to maintain quality excellence and assurance in an evolving practice.

6:00 am PT
7:00 am MT
8:00 am CT
9:00 am ET
10:00 am BRT
2:00 pm BST
3:00 pm CEST
4:00 pm EEST
4:00 pm TRT
8:00 pm ICT
9:00 pm SGT
11:00 pm AEST



The Overview of FACT Accreditation

Description: This session features FACT Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Phyllis I. Warkentin. Dr. Warkentin will describe the accreditation process from application to accreditation. Key areas will be addressed including the function of the accreditation coordinator, preparation for inspection, and the inspector role in the process of accreditation.

6:45 am PT
7:45 am MT
8:45 am CT
9:45 am ET
10:45 am BRT
2:45 pm BST
3:45 pm CEST
4:45 pm EEST
4:45 pm TRT
8:45 pm ICT
9:45 pm SGT
11:45 pm AEST



Key to Compliance Success 

Description: In this session, the presenter will review the compliance application process and identify documents that are required for submission.  Also, the presenter will give examples of how cord blood banks address personnel requirements, training, and competency assessment for each position in the cord blood bank. 

7:15 am PT
8:15 am MT
9:15 am CT
10:15 am ET
11:15 am BRT
3:15 pm BST
4:15 pm CEST
5:15 pm EEST
5:15 pm TRT
9:15 pm ICT
10:15 pm SGT
12:15 am  AEST(Thursday)



Evaluating Compliance

Description: This is an interactive session.  Case studies will be presented, and workshop participants will have the opportunity to evaluate each case for compliance. 


7:45 am PT
8:45 am MT
9:45 am CT
10:45 am ET
11:45 am BRT
3:45 pm BST
4:45 pm CEST
5:45 pm EEST
5:45 pm TRT
9:45 pm ICT
10:45 pm SGT
12:45 am  AEST(Thursday)






8:00 am PT
9:00 am MT
10:00 am CT
11:00 am ET
12:00 pm BRT
4:00 pm BST
5:00 pm CEST
6:00 pm EEST
6:00 pm TRT
10:00 pm ICT
11:00 pm SGT
1:00 am  AEST(Thursday)



Guided Tour of a FACT Cord Blood Bank

Description: This session features Mike Halpenny, MLT (CMLTO), Manager for cord blood bank and stem cell manufacturing from Canadian Blood Services in Ottaway.  The presenter will review the FACT cord blood bank standards' requirements during a FACT tour of a cord blood bank and identify information that can be evaluated during the tour.

8:45 am PT
9:45 am MT
10:45 am CT
11:45 am ET
12:45 pm BRT
4:45 pm BST
5:45 pm CEST
6:45 pm EEST
6:45 pm TRT
10:45 pm ICT
11:45 pm SGT
1:45 am  AEST(Thursday)



Cord Blood Bank Common Citations: How to avoid citations and meet FACT Standards

Description: Walid A. Almashaqbeh BS, BB ASCP, from King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will explain the most common challenges in cord blood banking, collection, and processing.


9:10 am PT
10:10 am MT
11:10 am CT
12:10 pm ET
1:10 pm BRT
5:10 pm BST
6:10 pm CEST
7:10 pm EEST
7:10 pm TRT
11:10 pm ICT
12:10 am SGT
2:30 am  AEST(Thursday)


Dissecting Deficiencies
Description: Walid A. Almashaqbeh BS, BB ASCP, will present deficiencies and the audience will have the opportunity to dissect and evalate each deficiency.  

9:30 am PT
10:30 am MT
11:30 am CT
12:30 pm ET
1:30 pm BRT
5:30 pm BST
6:30 pm CEST
7:30 pm EEST
7:30 pm TRT
11:30 pm ICT
12:30 am SGT (Thursday)
3:00 am  AEST(Thursday)





Description:  Reserve a VIP room in the cafe ahead of the workshop and quality boot camp to connect with your colleagues over lunch! You may choose to attend any of the three planned discussions, or message your colleagues via the meeting website and invite them to meet you in any of the open rooms to share a meal and catch up!

10:00 am PT
11:00 am MT
12:00 pm CT
1:00 pm ET
2:00 pm BRT
6:00 pm BST
7:00 pm CEST
8:00 pm EEST
8:00 pm TRT
12:00 am ICT (Thursday)
1:00 am SGT(Thursday)
3:30 am  AEST(Thursday)


  Jeopardy! Description: Play along with your colleagues in an exciting game of Jeopardy! 

Quality Boot Camp

10:15 am PT
11:15 am MT
12:15 pm CT
1:15 pm ET
2:15 pm BRT
6:15 pm BST
7:15 pm CEST
8:15 pm EEST
8:15 pm TRT
12:15 am ICT (Thursday)
1:15 am SGT(Thursday)
3:45 am  AEST(Thursday)



Developing and Assessing a Quality Management Plan 


Description:  Dr. Dunia Jawdat, Director of the King Abdullah International Medical Research Center Cord Blood Bank, will discuss the importance of developing a quality management plan within your program.  Dr. Jawdat will describe the purpose of the annual Quality Management review and its importance, explain the quality science underpinning the annual review, and identify opportunities for making the review relatable and actionable.

11:20 am PT
12:20 am MT
1:20 pm CT
2:20 pm ET
3:20 pm BRT
7:20 pm BST
8:20 pm CEST
9:20 pm EEST
9:20 pm TRT
1:20 am ICT (Thursday)
2:20 am SGT(Thursday)
4:20 am  AEST(Thursday



Interactive Session



11:50 am PT
12:50 pm MT
1:50 pm CT
2:50 pm ET
3:50 pm BRT
7:50 pm BST
8:50 pm CEST
9:50 pm EEST
9:50 pm TRT
1:50 am ICT (Thursday)
2:50 am SGT(Thursday)
4:50 am  AEST(Thursday





12:05 pm PT
1:05 pm MT
2:05 pm CT
3:05 pm ET
4:05 pm BRT
8:05 pm BST
9:05 pm CEST
10:05 pm EEST
10:05 pm TRT
2:05 am ICT (Thursday)
3:05 am SGT(Thursday)
5:05 am  AEST(Thursday



Quality components of a Successful Stability Programs 


Description: Phillip Johnson, Scientific Director at the Queensland Cord Blood Bank at the Mater, will explain why cord blood banks must develop a stability program. He will discuss how to design a stability study and the characteristics to assess.

12:45 pm PT
1:45 pm MT
2:45 pm CT
3:45 pm ET
4:45 pm BRT
8:45 pm BST
9:45 pm CEST
10:45 pm EEST
10:45 pm TRT
2:45 am ICT (Thursday)
3:45 am SGT(Thursday)
5:45 am  AEST(Thursday)



Results of the Stability Studies Survey

Description: Dr. Nadim Mahmud, Professor / Director of the Clinical Cell Therapy Laboratory at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System Blood & Marrow Transplant Program, will present the results from the AABB-ISCT Joint Working Group - Stability Program Survey.   The purpose of the survey was to detect potential gaps and opportunities for improvement in developing stability programs for cryopreserved hematopoietic progenitor cell (HPC) products. 

1:00 pm PT
2:00 pm MT
3:00 pm CT
4:00 pm ET
5:00 pm BRT
9:00 pm BST
10:00 pm CEST
11:00 pm EEST
11:00 pm TRT
3:00 am ICT (Thursday)
4:00 am SGT(Thursday)
6:00 am  AEST(Thursday)



Presentation: Establishing and Maintaining a Stability Program within a Public or Family Cord Blood Bank

Description: Dr. Sergio Querol Giner from programa Concordia Banc de Sang i Teixits, and Dr. Elias Kalouche from Progenics Cord Blood Cryobank, will discuss how to establish and maintain a stability program within a public or family cord blood bank.  

1:30 pm PT
2:30 pm MT
3:30 pm CT
4:30 pm ET
5:30 pm BRT
9:30 pm BST
10:30 pm CEST
11:30 pm EEST
11:30 pm TRT
3:30 am ICT (Thursday)
4:30 am SGT(Thursday)
6:30 am  AEST(Thursday)



Panel Discussion

Description: Dr. Etienne Baudoux, Director of Liège Cord Blood Bank, will facilitate a stability studies panel discussion with Dr. Nadim Mahmud, Phillip Johnson, Dr. Sergio Querol-Giner, Dr. Elias Kalouche, and Dr. Diane Fournier.

2:15 pm PT
3:15 pm MT
4:15 pm CT
5:15 pm ET
6:15 pm BRT
10:15 pm BST
11:15 pm CEST
12:15 am EEST (Thursday)
12:15 pm TRT (Thursday)
4:15 am ICT (Thursday)
5:15 am SGT(Thursday)
7:15 am  AEST(Thursday)




Description: Workshop and Quality Boot Camp hosts will recap the entire day, reflect on productive conversations, and invite participants to share a take-away, action step, or highlight from the day.

2:30 pm PT
3:30 pm MT
4:30 pm CT
5:30 pm ET
6:30 pm BRT
10:30 pm BST
11:30 pm CEST
12:30 am EEST (Thursday)
12:30 pm TRT (Thursday)
4:30 am ICT (Thursday)
5:30 am SGT(Thursday)
7:30 am  AEST(Thursday)





Optional Session: Portal Training


This is a bonus session for anyone who wants to join post-meeting.

Join FACT’s IT Business Analyst to learn more about the FACT Accreditation Portal.  This causal session with will include information about upcoming changes to the portal, discussion about portal best practices, live instruction on issues pertaining to attendees, and an opportunity to provide portal feedback.  FACT is constantly seeking to improve the portal and develop new features to benefit the users.  What features would you like to see?


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